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Roland TR8s / MC707 Stand

Roland TR8s / MC707 Stand

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The latest addition to the Roland TR family has its exclusive stand.
Specially designed for the Roland TR-8s.
Taking advantage of the shape of its cabinet to securely hold the equipment.
Achieving a very comfortable position during use.
These stands are lightweight, detachable, and take up very little space, perfect for live performers.
In the studio, they save space and improve the working position.
All our stands feature 3M rubber feet to prevent scratching or slipping.
With its ergonomic design, this stand provides exceptional comfort during use. Its thoughtful construction securely holds the Roland TR-8s, ensuring stability and convenience. Whether you're performing live or working in the studio, this stand offers the advantages of portability and space efficiency. The lightweight and detachable design make it easy to transport and set up wherever you go. Moreover, its compact size allows for convenient storage. Additionally, the high-quality rubber feet provide excellent grip and protect your equipment from scratches. Invest in this ergonomic stand from COVERUP for a comfortable and hassle-free experience while using your Roland TR-8s.

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