All our products are covered by the standard 2-year EU warranty on purchased goods which begins when you receive your goods. For Spain destination it is 3 years warranty.

This warranty covers the failure or malfunction of the device within this period which is due to our manufacturing processes or the components used. The warranty covers return shipping to the customer (worldwide) but not the shipping to have the device returned to Enlo-1. The warranty is void if the device has failed due to the customer's negligence including (but not limited to) connecting the device to an inappropriate power supply, damage due to mishandling, and damage due to extreme conditions (including but not limited to temperature, humidity/moisture or dust).


In Enlo-1 we have a dedicated service for our brands in warranty and out of warranty. The service is done in our installations so customer must send us the item for repair. For warranty works customer pay the sending cost and Enlo-1 pay the return cost. For out of warranty works customer pay both send and return cost.
For any assistance, documentation or guide for make any kind of work, repair or modification at customer place please ask us first. We can provide some info or tips about the gear related to maintenance/repair if the brand allow us to share directly with the customer.

For used and vintage items, the warranty time is 6 months.

For electronic parts there is no warranty if part has been used. Only return is allowed if customer wants to return the part during 14 days after receive and if the part is has not been used. If the part has been used this avoid the return option.


For warranty repairs the warranty time will the remaining time since purchase if is more than 6 months. If the remaining warranty time is less than 6 months then it will be increased to 6 months.
For out of warranty services, the service warranty will be 6 months related to the service done. This exclude any failure in non serviced parts or done by bad use or bad conditions.