About us

Enlo-1 born after more than 20 years of dedication to the world of synthesizers, processors and musical electronics in general. This years using professional equipment, repairs, modifications, creations, trade and assistance all come together here. We are bassed in Barcelona, and we offer our services worlwide.

Enlo-1 stands out for offering a point of sale for small brands with unique and quality products. Providing service and sales attention as well as a dedicated post-sale service in our installations in Barcelona, that ensures use and enjoyment of the products for a long time both in warranty  and out of warranty time.

The passion for classic vintage gear is evident in the selling service taking care and details of its functional state, providing a point of security and confidence for the user before and after the purchase. We also brings to the user a point of reference for future maintenance and modification of this kind of equipment in our service workshop in Barcelona

In turn, an important point is the sale of special parts and spare parts to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment over the years as well as to provide solutions to all those passionate of the DIY world as well as repair technicians.

A meeting point for small and passionate manufacturers, users looking for something special and personal attention, lovers of the classics and enthusiasts of the DIY world and musical electronics.