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DIY Kit for Antonus 2600 OS (Original Size)

DIY Kit for Antonus 2600 OS (Original Size)

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Build your ARP 2600 replica with the Antonus 2600 Original Size DIY kits. Select your kit options if you want to have all ready or if you want to source some parts of this big project.

Front Panel Antonus 2600 OS panel kit:

  • Antonus 2600 front panel grey face model (orange/black model available soon)
  • Included slider dust filters.
  • Side panels for CV MIDI interface.
  • Side panel for AC in and balanced outs.
  • Wood frame for speaker.


Antonus 2600 OS FULL PCBs SET:

  • x3 Main Boards
  • x9 sub module boards
  • x2 boards power supply
  • x1 side panel board
  • x1 multiple board
  • x1 power switch board

Electronic parts kit (full):

Full kit of all parts, electronic, mechanical and electro mechanical.
Including standard parts and rare parts. Also includes all the cables built, ready for connect. You can save this kit it if you prefer to source yourself looking the BOM files and making your own cables. Evaluate the cost and time for this task and choose what is better for you. Or you can go for mixed solution using the partial kits, the rare parts kit and the cable kit.

Partial electronic kit rare parts:

If you want to source most of the parts and save the full kit but you prefer to have the most difficult part in one kit this is the solution: tempcos, rare transistors, lm301, ca046, etc. Check the excel file for description and details: Rare parts 

Cable kit:

If you want to source most of the parts and save the full kit but you prefer to have all the cables built this is the kit for you. You will have all the cables built, with all the PCB sockets. Also included Reverb tank, Power ON OFF switch, Main transformer board full built and wired, AC connector. Front Lamp, XLR-Jack combo connectors, Speakers, Midi connectors.

Tolex Roadcase:

ARP 2600 Tolex case style case ready for install all the kit. Limited quantity x month, must be reserved / preorder.

Metal case kit:

This kit is for the metal case. Delivered disassembled ready for for assembled for the user. Once assembled is ready for install panels and all the boards.


Square knobs 2600 style for illuminated sliders, set of 58 pieces.

Duophonic MIDI to CV board:

This board comes built and programmed ready for install on the mainboard.

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