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Antonus Step Brother vertical brackets for ARP 2600

Antonus Step Brother vertical brackets for ARP 2600

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The Step Brother design is focused in horizontal operation. One classic setup is the console style or keyboard placement in front of the 2600.

Whith this brackets now is possible to stack on top of the ARP 2600 vintage or reissue with security allowing to save lot of space in front of the 2600. Also the vertical configuration adds a very interesting sensation. Is really inspiring to have such powerful instruments in the same plane of view.

The Step Brother brackets are compatible with the SidecARP, this allow the most powerful configuration of 2600 at the base, SidecARP at the middle using the brackets and Step Brother on top using the respective brackets. This is very powerful modular pacheable setup, in compact but at same time very playable and inspiring form.

We offer the brackets version compatible with the vintage ARP 2600 and also the KARP FS version.

Made in Barcelona by Coverup.

More info at: Antonus Vertical Brackets

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