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Pre-Order for Antonus 2600 OS "Original Size" Synthesizer

Pre-Order for Antonus 2600 OS "Original Size" Synthesizer

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All the Antonus instruments are handcrafted and done in limited quantities during the year. For purchase one Antonus instruments must be done by pre-order process.

This is a preorder for estimated finish time of 3 months.

How preorder works: For preorder process you will click at the item and
button marked as preorder. Purchasing preorder you are paying a
downpayment of the related item.  At the preorder description you will
find the estimated time for work finish. When unit is near completion you
will receive a notification to your registered email address and also a
link to the item final payment for complete the purchase, just paying the
remaining balance. Once final payment is completed invoice for the full
order is done and unit can be dispatched to customer's shipping address.

  • First payment: 1000 € VAT Excluded 
  • Remaining Balance (When product is finished): 3125 € VAT Excluded.
  • Total: 4125 € VAT Excluded.


Antonus 2600 OS "Original Size":

Here is an original scale replica of the ARP 2600, grey face version, with the classic sound and behaviour using the same technology and components. Also incorporating two hi grade balanced outputs in dual XLR and Jack sockets.

Worked and shaped with more detailed cabinet using the same wood cuts and original metal hardware. Handmade like the original, the sensation and feeling is a true experience if you know how the classic unit is. Also this Original Size version includes exclusive knobs, shaped from the original ARP 2600 knobs but with special window that allow the pass of light. The user can adjust the light level for use like the classic non illuminated ARP2600 or enjoy with the illuminated slider light of the Antonus version.

Using the same classic thru-hole components, with matched and selected parts for ensure the classic sound and behaviour of the original units. We don’t want to improve or update nothing about this classic essence soul, we love the ARP2600 original personality and want to preserve it. Is a true challenge looking for the parts and the design path for reach it and we want to work in that direction. The commitment is so strong that for this edition we used the same original submodule building technique. The original ARP2600 used submodules as many users may know. We are so sure of the close replica work of the circuits that we can use the same technique allowing a retro compatibility between Antonus 2600 OS and the classic ARP 2600. For example you can use original submodules in Antonus 2600 OS, or you can use Antonus 2600 OS submodules in classic ARP2600, if you want or need to repair a classic unit using the Antonus submodules. The submodules can be sold individually for this kind of restoration process.
A very special work done with love and of course taking the care for the sound and behaviour of some special components that brings us the famous personality of the classic 2600.

– Original Size replica of the classic ARP 2600

– Even more faithful detailed cabinet, with original cuts and metal hardware.

– Grey face panel

– VCF 4012 (transistor ladder) filter version, the classic 70’s sound

– 4027-1 VCO’s

– Long spring reverb version, like early units. Adjusted circuit for keep the classic analog static noise as down as possible.

– New knobs shaped like the original square 2600 knobs but adds the special feature for allow pass of led lights.

– Led light is adjustable using front panel trimmer. User can disable the light and use with the knobs like the original looking.

– Uses Thru hole components, human scale electronic, following the same circuits names and numbers. This unit can be serviceable/modifiable in the future with traditional tools and skills, and also the schematics are compatible between ARP 2600 and Antonus 2600 OS.

– Balanced output circuit with Jack 6,3mm and XLR connectors.

– MIDI CV duophonic interface is the only SMT small board present at the instrument. (for managing MIDI digital data and convert to analog CV + GATE signals)

– Uses traditional linear regulator power supply with proper ground design and proper cable routes for ensure the original behaviour of balance between stability and living-movement feeling of the VCO’s and many other parts, like the original units.

– All Thru-hole IC components uses hi grade turned sockets, the best type. For reliable use during the years and easy diagnose/mod/repair in the future.

– Uses submodule building technique like original, with matched components and thermal coupling when they needed. No need to use epoxy encapsulate, nothing to hidden (also the last original ARP2600 submodules were manufactured with no epoxy). All components can be serviceable/modded, something not possible at the original epoxy modules. The Antonus submodules can be used for repair/replace original ARP2600 submodules problems.

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Antonus 2600 Original Size

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