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Pre-Order for Sidecar for Antonus 2600

Pre-Order for Sidecar for Antonus 2600

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All the Antonus instruments are handcrafted and done in limited quantities during the year. For purchase one Antonus instruments must be done by pre-order process.

This is a preorder for estimated finish time of 3 months.

How preorder works: For preorder process you will click at the item and
button marked as preorder. Purchasing preorder you are paying a
downpayment of the related item.  At the preorder description you will
find the estimated time for work finish. When unit is near completion you
will receive a notification to your registered email address and also a
link to the item final payment for complete the purchase, just paying the
remaining balance. Once final payment is completed invoice for the full
order is done and unit can be dispatched to customer's shipping address.

  • First payment: 300 € VAT Excluded 
  • Remaining Balance (When product is finished): 220 € VAT Excluded.
  • Total: 520 € VAT Excluded.


Sidecar for Antonus 2600:

Expand your system with your favorite Eurorack modules. Maintaining the aesthetics and work philosophy of your Antonus system. Power supply and high quality distribution bus thinking in great stability and security for your eurorack modules. Has built in USB power output to connect your devices efficiently

Eurorack case / expander for Antonus 2600 (the smaller version not the Original Size version)

Handcrafted made, roadcase  with classic tolex covering and metal hardware to match the classic look of the 2600. Comes with a power supply and active power distribution system with up to 16 connectors (can be expanded with flying buses). The active power bus design delivers up to 1500 ma x rail with very stable and noise free supply for take care of the sound of most delicate analogue modules. Front panel power module, with USB power output for supply external gear. This unit can work from 100v to 240v. Power panel uses 4HP so the available HP's are 120. 

The unit can be used on top of the Antonus 2600 (small version) For extra locking function the Antonus Sidecar brackets can be used (purchased separately)

For more info visit the manufacturer link: Antonus Sidecar

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